The folks over at German Sims Fan Site have found a listing for The Sims 3:Island Paradise on the German Amazon site with a  description of the Limited Edition content (Note this is a reeeeally rough translation)

Additional contents of the Limited Edition

The island-survival kit equips your Sims out with everything you need, so that they build on a deserted island existence, together rooms a makeshift home in a boat, build a minimalist refuge in the ocean – or use this simple objects in the comfortable civilization. With more objects than ever in a Limited Edition of The Sims 3 will receive your Sims everything they need for their Lonely Island look of ragged clothes to furniture in the shipwreck-style. With the island-survival package your sims are best equipped to simplify their lives in the island paradise.

Stories of the lost – and found – Paradise – You can keep your Sims stranded on the high seas, or make them a simple home on stilts: games and experience new stories that present a different side of the island paradise.

Get your Sims on the island home – Design your house with unique pieces in the wreck-chic. Thus, your Sims can about blissfully slumbering in a four-poster bed made of driftwood umfunktioniertem.

More Limited Edition content than ever before – Packed with clothing, furniture and decorative objects, thanks to which you can expand the gaming experience with your own island paradise.

Screenshots this Unfortunately we have not yet. Once the Limited Edition of this expansion pack screens are published, this is her first course with us.

Preorder on Amazon get the expansion pack in time for release (normally 1-2 days earlier) shipped free home. Moreover, the price drops at Amazon to release day, you pay as preordered the best rate between the order date and the publication.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Limited Edition from

You can view the original posting on their site HERE.

Feel free to check out the listing on Amazon HERE as well. I didn’t need to update my region or anything to view it, but it may be taken down at some point for obvious reasons 🙂

I wasn’t entirely sure what I would have expected for regular content, let alone Limited Edition content for Island Paradise personally. I’m still waiting patiently for some new info about it, but is it bad that I’m hoping for a really fleshed out Sunlit Tides-but-an-expansion-type-expansion? Weigh in in the comments 😀

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