Think you can pull yourself away from watching your Sims study and go streaking at University long enough to help the Sims 3 Store again? They’ve posted a survey link HERE that they’d like if you filled out. Unlike some of the last ones, this one is a fill-in-the-blank. Nifty 🙂

(Hint Hint; I’ve submitted that I’d like an Event Planner/Party Planner premium content/store career as I am one in real life… you could help someone out here :P)

While I’ve got you…

So I haven’t really seen outside in a couple of days now as I’ve been sucked into my computer playing The Sims 3 University and Simcity. You’ve all had enough days now to tell me what you think of the new releases so far, so have at it! Both did really well in the UK game chart last week, so I’d like to know how you’re playing. Did you start a new family to send to school or ship of the folks? How many cities do you have up and running, and are you checking out public regions or doing it old-school private?