Note: This post is not related to The Sims/SimCity. This is about a blog one of our old writers are currently maintaining, be sure to check it out! -Dan


Sorry for the obnoxious red text, can’t insert a picture for some reason so I had to draw your attention somehow.  As some of you know, I used to write and make podcasts for the site when it used to be SimPrograms.  It has been awhile since I have really written for the site and now due to one of my college courses, I have to maintain a blog throughout the semester.  I picked to do it about video games and I thought originally that it would be a burden to have to write twice a week for it.  However, I found that I actually really enjoy writing about gaming and it has gotten me more invested in the blog.  Since this is where I got my start with blogging, I figured it might be a good place to sort of spread the word.  If any of you are interested, please check out my blog: The Game Pad.  So far I’ve only written articles on VGHS, the Batman: Arkham games, and the PS4 press event.  If you enjoy reading it, following it would mean a lot (plus it would be nice to impress my professor).  On top of that, my twitter account is @Luke_TGP.  I hope some of you will take a look and like what you see.  Thanks for listening guys!