SimGuruWeb has just stickied his thread in the University Forum about the newest update which has been causing some people issues..

Note about Feb 19 game update

We understand that some of you have attempted to install the recent Game Update and encountered an issue completing the install.

For PC players, if you reattempt the install now, you should be able to successfully complete installation. Note that this Game Update is larger in size and that we will be releasing a smaller version within the coming weeks if you prefer to wait for a smaller download.

For Mac players, we are still conducting some final tests on the Mac Game Update to ensure it will be a smooth and successful experience for you as well. This release will be coming very soon.

Thank you for your patience.

I personally usually wait a while before patching, and admittedly hearing that philosophy can be irksome. Hopefully everyone can get back to aging up some of their toddlers and child-sims before they are shipped off to University in a couple weeks 🙂