In this weeks community spotlight (a new weekly addition to BeyondSims), we have reached out to Rachybop who has been kind enough to do an interview with us.


Hi Rachybop! Thanks for taking your time to do this interview today. Can you introduce yourself to everyone reading?

Hey! Thanks for interviewing me  …My name is Rachybop (seriously, that’s what my parents named me) and I have a channel over on YouTube: SUBSCRIBE!

What inspired you to create videos on YouTube, and when did you begin your YouTube journey?

Initially it was iJustine who inspired me to make videos on YouTube. I  her. I began watching her and posting a few videos January 2011 and then posted a video called Funny Siri Questions in October 2011 when the iPhone 4s came out and people kept asking me for more videos so I started to make them about all things I love. Like the Sims!

How did you discover The Sims/SimCity franchises?

My friend just randomly brought me his old copy of the Sims game around one day and said I would probably enjoy it. He was so right!

What is your favourite game in The Sims or SimCity franchise and why?

At moment my favourites are Sims 3 Seasons and SimCity 5. I know you only asked for one but I can’t and I won’t choose between them! I love Seasons because it adds way more to my game than any other expansion ever has and I love SimCity 5 because it lets me play without failing miserably like I used to in all the older SimCity games!

Why do you think you’re popular among Sims fans?

I have no idea… nice hair?

You’ve recently attended a SimCity event at EA Guildford, what did you think of your day and the game?

Such an awesome day! I am really grateful to have had that experience, it was great to be able to play the game ahead of its release, learn about it and meet fellow enthusiasts. They also had these really amazing chocolate cookies…

What do you like and dislike (if there is anything to dislike) most about The Sims/SimCity community?

The community is great! I wasn’t really aware of it so much until I started doing my YouTube videos. It’s always nice to be a part of something. I like how people can voice their concerns and wants, etc over a game and they are listened to by EA. I don’t think there’s anything I dislike about the community.

Do you have any “crazy” fans? If yes, what is the craziest thing a fan has done?

Haha, now that would be telling!

Where are you hoping your YouTube channel will be this time next year?

I’m hoping to grow my subscriber base and improve the quality of my videos. I think it’s real important to listen to my audience and shape the channel according to their feedback. I also hope to have had more of EA’s cookies by then.

What future games are you hoping to see from The Sims/SimCity?

I am REALLY looking forward to Sims 3 Island Paradise! I love marine life in general so to have that in my Sims game will be awesome! Why would I ever need to go outside?!

Thanks for taking your time to be interviewed today! Is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers?

No probs! I hope y’all have enjoyed reading my answers and check out my channel if you haven’t already  See you there!
*Blows kiss*