Apart from Fast Lane Stuff and Katy Perry Sweet Treats, stuff packs do not usually contain their own soundtrack. Here is a listing of the music which comes with the stuff pack, thanks to Simified. So glad to have the disco radio station from Sims 1 back in the game – Funky Sim is my favourite.

You can click some of the titles below, we’ll be linking them to the appropriate songs on YouTube.


Al Sims – The SixAM Crew
Funky Sim – The SixAM Crew
Gloria Sims – TheSixAM Crew
Shakka Do Thang – TheSixAM Crew
Uggy Uggy Ew – TheSixAM Crew


Ee I Ooo Oh – The SixAM Crew
Spring Break – The SixAM Crew
The Group – The SixAM Crew
Wewah – Julian Conroy
Yanga Way – The SixAM Crew (Cant find a link for this)


Middle Finger – The SixAM Crew
Oh Sims – The SixAM Crew
Sim Hagar – The SixAM Crew
Sims Rock Legacy Medley – Julian Conroy

Remember that The Sims 3 70′s 80′s & 90′s Stuff will be available next week on January 22nd in the US and January 25th in the UK.