Are you purchasing the Limited Edition of SimCity instead of the Digital Deluxe? Well, EA has something for you! You can upgrade to the Digital Deluxe for £19.99 once the game is released.




  1. I have a feeling pre-order sales are really low – and EA are trying to hard-sell their products now with ridiculous deals like these hoping someone will buy into them.
    There isn’t a problem in this – so long as Simcity itself is a good game – in which case it will be brought once the word gets out that it is fun. Otherwise – they won’t make money because it isn’t up to scratch. Simple.

  2. I would only consider this if I was desperate for the other City Sets. I get the London set with the UK Collectors Edition, thankfully.

  3. I wonder if EA is worried that the “always online” feature of SimCity is going to result in poor sales. Whether or not it is a good game, that online requirement could effectively kill any future it has. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  4. I will not buy SimCity because of “always online” feature of SimCity.

    So in my case they’ve lost at least one customer.

  5. I cancelled my pre-order because of the “always online” feature. So they have lost more than one customer because of it.

    It’s a shame. I wish these devs would get their heads out of the clouds and back on our HDD’s. I blame Zynga for this crap. I only wish they would understand that “mobile gamers” and “facebook gamers” are not equivalent to PC gamers.

  6. Poor Sales:

    Pros: Maybe EA will finally get the message that piracy is the lesser of two evils and it’s actually just better to sell it with regular piracy protection than this crap.
    Cons: Goodbye Simcity for another ten or twenty years….

  7. EA are big liars. I have the limited edition and I bought the upgrade.
    My game did not get an upgrade. It still asks me to upgrade in-game.
    It did unlock the city sets.
    They should not call this the deluxe upgrade because the game itself stays the limited edition.
    No more EA for me.

  8. Does anyone know if this “upgrade” pack only works for the new Sim city or will it upgrade the older sim cities as well?


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