Welcome to BeyondSims, do you like our new name and design? We hope you do. After several hours of moving things around, we are ready for lift off. Now, I realise there will be some questions – and I will happily answer any – but be sure to check out the small FAQ below about the new site.

Why have you changed your name from SimPrograms?
As much as I love the name SimPrograms, after reading the site for many years before I even joined the team, we’ve decided that it’s time to let that name go. You can still get to our website from SimPrograms.com, however our new URL is beyondsims.com.One of the main reasons why we dropped the name is that we no longer offer programs on the website, so keeping the name “SimPrograms” doesn’t feel right. We wanted to give the site a name it deserves.

Why are some posts missing images and why is some content messy?
Older posts were not made for this new design. The new design is a different width compared to the old one, and we can’t amend over 9500 posts individually to make them fit! You may notice some images are missing too, again, on posts from the past. This is because they are pointing to “Simprograms.com” and not “Beyondsims.com”. We will be fixing this over the next few days.

Does my account still exist?
Yes! Your account is still here if you registered. In fact, everything is from the old site such as: news, images, forums, tutorials, and various other things you’d expect from us.

Still have questions?
I’ll gladly answer as many questions as I can – feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts or use the site contact feature if you wish for it to be more private.

We hope you’re excited about our new design and name, just as much as we are! This is a whole new chapter for the site, and we hope you will join us as we embark upon it.