The Seventh Plumbob has a review up of Monte Vista, which I have made.

Monte Vista is the latest world to be released onto The Sims 3 Store for us Simmers to buy and enjoy. The world is Italian/European themed and features a small walled-in area at its centre! As usual, this review will be split up into different parts:

  • World
  • CAS
  • New Items
  • Woodfire Oven
  • Value

The world itself is very pretty, and makes for some excellent screenshots (as you can see below) but it, after a couple of nights looking at it, has failed to excite me. It has a lot of potential for lot building, but you’ll struggle to build Late Night and Showtime lots that fit into the style of Monte Vista without getting frustrated.
Playability is also quite limited – the town has no real central park, and the official festival grounds released are quite literally at one of the farthest points in the entire world. The world is very spread out, making it quite difficult to actually get anywhere. Routing can also be quite difficult at times, with sims getting out of their taxis to walk along paths.

World Pics 01World Pics 11
World Pics 04