So last week I saw the Urologist again. Good news, my Tumor Markers are down from 11,000 to 78! This is phenomenal! The cancer is now gone from my lungs and there’s only a small spot left on my abdomen. Hopefully this last month of chemo will get that too, if not I’ll either have to do some even stronger chemo or they’ll have to go in and remove that bit of my abdomen. I wanna thank everyone who has sent love and prayers my way during this difficult time. It’s really helped and I love you all for the support. So I have today, all next week and then the 23rd and 29th. Somewhere between the 23rd and 25th I have my 3rd and hopefully final CT/CAT Scan. A few days later, I’ll find out if the cancer is gone. Keep that love and those prayers headed my way please. Much love!