Temporary Removal of Patches and Programs

Today we’re announcing that we’re temporarily retiring the programs and patches pages on SimPrograms. Our vast directory of programs and patches for The Sims franchise, Spore, and SimCity have been a big aspect of this website since it’s launch and that won’t be changing.
We are temporarily removing this content due to it being hosted on our servers, which has taken up over 11GB of space – gradually slowing down the website, and we want to make this information more simple and accessible. Patches will be back up very soon and will be easier to browse through and will link to EA’s servers. Please also take into consideration that most of this content was outdated, especially the patches directory on our website, so this is the perfect opportunity to fix that.
Things You Need To Know:

  • Patches and Programs are only temporarily removed.
  • All programs and patches for The Sims, Spore, and SimCity are no longer on our servers.
  • The pages are being reconstructed and will return at a later date.

While we reconstruct these pages, we invite you to share programs you want to see in our directory for The Sims franchise, Spore, or SimCity!
Sorry for any problems this may cause,