That’s right people. For those of us in NA, we’ll be heading to the polls soon to vote on President and many other things. A week or so ago, I felt that this would be a great new poll. But before we get to the new poll, it’s time to review the previous one. Sad to say, there wasn’t a lot of votes this time. This makes me a sad Scorpion.

After seeing the new SimCity Disaster Trailer and finding out that there’s more than 4 disasters, which of the following previous SimCity disasters do you want to see in the final game?

Flood (26%, 93 Votes)

Total Voters: 358

Hopefully y’all will love this new poll. 🙂

It’s election time in SimNation and it’s up to you to decide which Sim will run the country… VOTE NOW!

Bella Goth – Plumbob Party

Don Lothario – WooHoo Party

Freezer Bunny – Adorable Party

Mary-Sue Pleasant – Simoleon Party

Pollination Tech#9 Smith – “Green” Party