It’s here! It’s Finally here and full of awesome!


As you all probably know the aliens are back in the game The Sims 3! Unfortunately, it is not possible to create in case if you have The Sims 3 Super Powers. Mini and I had to cheat to get that alien in our family, I know this is not good! You can meet him at midnight without cheating by looking through the galaxy. It is possible to add to our family and then changing her hairstyle and clothes. It is possible to have a child with an alien, ours had a total of 3 children. The alien can go to the military base to steal stones spatial or donate insects.

The ship can not be touched by all the Sims, Sims only with a logic high enough! With the vessel it is possible to go to invade a community lot, remove the Sim, or even going to create a storm. Not having had the chance to see the aliens in action here are the videos my colleague FraizesauxSims.