There are two new contests going on at MTS currently and are in need of 10 contestants by the end of next week. And if you win, you get a pretty lil’ ribbon next to your name on the site!

Lights, Camera, Action! & Pleasantview Home Makeover Contests On MTS

Hosted by SeeMyu ; Deadline is Otober 11th

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I know very well that there are some very VERY talented Sims Machinima Directors that lurk around here, and what they post in the Sims Movies forum is beyond belief! Though, I find it pretty sad that machinimas don’t get much popularity, views, and feedback.. so the directors have no ability to learn from their mistakes.. and that’s what I am here to do! This is a machinima artist’s time to shine, and show everyone how well their skills are!


You will be constructing a film from start to finish with having to deal with all the struggles in-between leading up to your film’s premiere. Now, while your film can feature anything you imagine, you will have to deal with management, casting, furnishing your set(s) with quality, interviews, and more! Yes, that means you only have a certain budget that you can go by, but can earn more by promotion and commitment to your film. The judges will be rewarding the money for your budget, as well myself.. and the more commitment you show, the more money for your budget gets rewarded. There will be certain rounds in which you must choose one (or more) of the many options offered, but those events will costs funds.. and depending on how well you did in that event will determine how much you make in return. (This will not be in every round, but everything you get or do, including clothing, may costs funds! This means.. KEEP WATCH OF YOUR BUDGET!)

This will all take place through 5 rounds; each round consisting of different objectives you must complete to raise your film to the top! From making the cast to the premiere of your film!

Lights, Camera, Action! & Pleasantview Home Makeover Contests On MTS

Hosted by jones7659 ; Deadline is October 14th

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There are four families moving to Pleasantview. You will redecorate a home for each family, meeting their needs, within their budget.


Each round, including the application, you will need to post up to 8 pictures of the house. One must be a front view In a corner of the front picture, you must add a small shot of the lot info so we can make sure you are with in the budget. Doesn’t have to be the whole info box, just the lot value. No other combined pictures though. And there must also be a top view of each floor. After those are taken care of it’s up to you to decided what best showcases your home.