We have brought Djeranotjuh onto the SimPrograms team as part of our efforts to bring you the latest Sims news when other staff members are busy.

Please give him a warm welcome! -Spon1Player

Hello simmers! How are you all doing! hehe! I’m Djeranotjuh and i’m a new writer on SimPrograms! I’m 15 Years old and i’m a lifeless Simmer… hehehe! I really love laughing and i laugh a lot! Well i started playing TheSims in 2000… and i’m still playing it! I really love building lots and i also love creating sims! But living their lifes with Cheats is awesome! hehe! I love using Cheats (It’s a bad habit of me in TheSims). Well uhm what should i say more… hmm.. well.. I will write a lot of stuff on the forums… so be sure that check that out! hehe! Well Happy Simming and a have an amazing day… evening… night whatever it is! 😀