Platinum Simmers are holding a competition to decorate a yard of a house, which must include a greenhouse. You can click here to read more and to enter if you want to!

With Seasons just around the corner we are all disappointed that the expansion pack does not include greenhouses, but with the planters that came with Supernatural we can make our own greenhouses. So we thought to have a competition to use these planters to make a greenhouse.

The Scenario

We supply you with a house that has an empty yard, your goal is decorate the yard completely, with at least 1 greenhouse. The rest of the decorations are up to you, can be plants, trees, objects, pools, decks, ponds, whatever you want, you are also not restricted to 1 greenhouse.

You have to keep the floorplan of the house, which means you cannot remove any of the exterior walls or add to the original house. Feel free however to redecorate the house completely including removing interior walls, remove/add windows/doors whatever you can imagine to make the most gorgeous submission.