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Graham's Guide to Lot Markers!

o, you’re interested in lots that change throughout the year with the seasons? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This thread has everything you need to understand how these lots work, and even includes a step by step tutorial that will teach you how to build a lot of your own that changes over time.
Before we begin though, please be aware that this is a guide intended for advanced builders. You will be using debug objects that were created for use by the development team to build these special lots. The method of using them isn’t particularly user friendly. If you aren’t already comfortable with using many different features of Build/Buy Mode you may want to consider just enjoying other people’s creations from the exchange.


• Anything you build in Common mode will be visible throughout the entire year and will never be hidden. Certain objects that have special functionality are only allowed to be placed in Common mode (different object functionality is explained in the Build/Buy List section of this guide).
• All Build Mode tools that you use are automatically applied to Common mode. Examples include building walls or changing terrain elevation. A full list is provided in the Build/Buy List section of this guide.
• You should always select the “Lock Common Objects in Place” interaction on the Seasonal Lot Marker as the last thing you do when exiting Build/Buy Mode when editing a lot with the marker to protect the integrity of the objects you placed in Common mode.