via IGN

Trip Hawkins believes that console gaming is destined to be niche, a wonkish hobbyist’s enthusiasm, a sliver of the great global games market. Why is this important? Because of who Trip is, or at least, who he was.

Trip Hawkins is a legend. Like a knight of old, his mighty feats and exploits are the stuff of tales to be told in feasting halls. Trouble is, it’s not clear if he’s more noble Sir Galahad or the flawed adventurer Don Quixote. On the one hand, he founded Electronic Arts, the most successful pure games publisher ever. He fought the great battles of the 1980s that have shaped gaming today (the book to read is All Your Base Are Belong to Us). On the other, he presided over the disaster of the 1990s 3DO console and, in Digital Chocolate, failed to make much of an impact in the mobile and social gaming revolution of the past decade.