The Sims Hub has been writing their visions and ideas for The Sims 4, and their hopes for the inevitable next instalment of the franchise. I enjoyed reading it – they suggest some interesting things.

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The Sims Hub's Ideas for The Sims 4

We feel that it’s time The Sims franchise went back to its roots; back to its charming, fun and wacky self. The Sims franchise over the years has seen quite a few changes, many of which haven’t been received too well by fans of the series. We believe it’s time for another change; a 180-degree turn back to where it all began. Why? Because the earlier titles are the most loved by players. We don’t mean completely throw away everything the franchise has done over the years. Generations introduced in The Sims 2 will obviously stay, as will the open world nature and personality traits of The Sims 3. But the franchise needs to look back on where it came from. This isn’t purely for nostalgic reasons, it’s because that’s what we feel The Sims should be like; how Will Wright originally conceived it.

Source: The Sims Hub