EA UK recently announced that they were closing their forum community, affecting the UK Sims 3 forum community. Most members on that site did not want to use the UK boards on the official Sims 3 website, so myself and another Simmer took things into our own hands and launched The Sims Design – a place for those affected to post and discuss The Sims with a familiar experience (you can still join the forum community if you’re not a UK simmer!)

The idea is to offer a familiar experience for those whom don’t want  to use TheSims3.com – so we created our own forum, simples! All simmers are welcome to join the forums – you can talk about any Sims game, share images, videos, and more. We are also trying to archive some content from the forums for future reference too, and build up our own knowledge base like the UK forums had.

Be sure to check out the forums! http://thesimsdesign.com