AkihabaraBlues has previewed Seasons! 😀

“I … I’ve seen things you people would not believe: Play trick or treating with real werewolves in midsummer. I saw fairies cooking fried ice cream for witches and vampires in the middle of a snowstorm. All those moments will come true sooner or later, the new expansion for The Sims 3. Time to becoming addicted. “

So, my friends, the last day September 11th I had the pleasure of attending the presentation of two new expansions for The Sims 3 PC: supernatural creatures(which had been released a few days before) and Four Seasons . The presentation was given by Graham Nardone , who thanked those present for their attendance, and showed us how to work together both expansions. The first was to show us the qualities of some of the existing races in the expansion ofsupernatural creatures .


Rincon Del Simmer also saw an interesting picture.

This is his mock-up at what he thinks the logo will be like:

Source: Rincon Del Simmer