Want a quick re-cap of what’s coming with Seasons? Then follow this link and read it!

That’s right, storms are brewing for your sims town! The Sims 3 Seasons is headed our way this November, and it is looking great. Your sims have a lot in store with this new expansion pack, so let’s just cover the basics.

Summer- Your Sims can now go swimming at their local beach! It’s something that should’ve come in the base game in my opinion, but late is better than never. Unfortunately our canine companions cannot join them, but I’m not one to complain, dogs going swimming could only mean an abundance of puddles and a wet dog moodlet. There will also be new diving boards, and with it the chance to soak your other sims when taking a high dive into the pool. Daylight is longer in summer, there are no summer breaks for schools, heat waves are back, and there is a new type of death. Your sims can now spontaneously combust from overheating!