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How would you feel if future Sims 3 Expansions or The Sims 4 used Cloud Storage for saves instead of saving to your PC/Mac?

Super Pissed!!! (46%, 502 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,091

I’m kinda getting into these Sims 3 house building videos. Dunno if it’s because shows like This Old House or what, but I do. Anyways, there’s a couple house builders that we follow and occasionally we post their vids along with links to their houses. Due to a slight attitude change by one house builder and finally doing something in a different type of Sims 3 vid, we’re considering adding him to this list. Thus this leads us to the new poll…

New Poll

We sometimes post house building videos by Chrillsims3 and a few others. If we made this a regular thing, would you guys and gals also like to see house videos by Curtis Paradis?

Let’s talk more on this in the comments section of this post.