A blog about a designer of SimCity, Daniel Kline!

Building the new SimCity takes a lot of street smarts, and one of the men responsible for crafting the detailed blueprint is Game Designer Daniel Kline. Connection is key for Daniel, as he works on multiplayer and the SimCity World features designed to keep players up-to-date with not only their cities, or their friend’s cities, but cities from around the world.

Let’s learn a little bit more about Daniel’s role on the game.

How long have you worked on the Maxis team?

Daniel Kline: I’ve been at Maxis for 2 years. I started onDarkspore and then moved on to SimCity.

What exactly do you on the game?

DK: I’m a designer on SimCity, so day-to-day I design the experience we’re looking for, and help the team get there. It involves a lot of playing the game, talking to people, trying things, and thinking hard. I primarily focus on the larger experience, so multiplayer, UI, SimCity World, etc. But SimCity is a really integrated team. Lately I’ve been focused on the UI we display for each system in the simulation.


Source: The Sims Hub