went to a preview of The Sims 3 Supernatural, so if you don’t already have enough Supernatural information and you’re still craving for more you can find it here! Preview TS3 Supernatural

Contents of evil spirits, magic, and a chance to become a zombie in this supplement just going wild.Perhaps this is the latest addition, which has its roots in the first part of The Sims Making Magic. Then, it was the latest addition to the series and the coolest, will give players the witches, magicians, and dragons. And let the fairies did not appear, but the wings still could wear the magical atmosphere of hovering around. As for the supernatural, then this add-on has no end, fans are still waiting for seasons and already has a preview.

At the last presentation in the office of EA-Russia we have been able to play in addition to and learn all the charm of the mystical town of Moonlight Falls and new characters, write a special message for the wall simmer and stay Nice fight. We also contacted the producer of The Sims 3, Supernatural, Megan, and she answered a few questions.  In general, everything was very cool, thanks a lot EA-Russia for hosting this event and the warm welcome!