Hello SimPrograms readers! This is supposed to be an introduction post. I don’t really know what pleases you guys, so:

I like Sims (if you hadn’t guessed) and I LOVE SimPrograms (one reason why I am so happy to be able to help out). I like dogs (that might explain the avatar) and all animals (which explains why I had such trouble choosing between this dog and a cat I made). I sing in the shower (come on, who doesn’t?) and… I like Sims…

Just going to spurt out some random stuff now:

  • TBS suggested that I put “SimPrograms” between “Epic” and “Train”… In my opinion the Epic Train IS the SimPrograms train, but TBS is Boss and what TBS says goes.
  • If you like what you read, I am hereΒ for you to befriend.
  • I hope to be a big help to SimPrograms, I stumbled across it while it was reporting on TS2 news and have used it ever since.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this introductory venture – hopefully I’ll be making many more appearances (and hopefully they’ll serve a much better purpose than this one)! πŸ˜€