Two previews of SimCity that you won’t want to miss!

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For fans of SimCity, I suggest you read now previews Generation SimCities City and All!

Generation City [ Read preview ] 
“The map that we played was quite small, about the size of a map of SimCity Societies. But developers have reassured us by saying that this is not the final size. Certainly reduced the beta. The final size should be the size of a card on average SimCity 4 (ie 2km ²). And as stated in previous articles, not for terraforming the city … With any platform on which we played, I could not see how the buildings and roads react to the terrain. ‘  

All SimCities [ Read preview ]
“Personally I find it hard to conceive otherwise than SimCity player game, just simply be routinely. If the idea is good, the experience Citiex XL urges caution. How will be managed abandoned cities whose players do not come? Y did he risk speculation on the resources that plague the game? These questions have so far no response. Producers are aware and working there. If free is confirmed, it will be by a very good point against which allow everyone to try to SimCity online. 

SimCity - Concept Art

Source: SimCookie