SimGuruMegan has posted some new information about Supernatural on Twitter!

Thanks to SimsVIP

  • No, zombies can’t be created in CAS, but they can be created a number of other ways!
  • Yes, of course there will be new challenges with Supernatural! (Achievements)
  • The Moondial shows you the phase of the moon and also tells your horoscope.
  • During a full moon, zombies “just appear”.
  • There are so many elixirs! Last time I counted, I think there were 40 (ish).
  • If the moon is set to never be a full moon, then Zombies will never appear. Otherwise, you can cure them or shoot them w/ the peashooter!
  • You can choose how muscular and what skin color your werewolf is.
  • You’ll have to have Showtime to create genies from CAS.
  • There are elixirs that will turn Sims into any of the occult types
  • There are elixirs that will help Sims learn skills more quickly!
  • Creating Supernaturals in CAS is exclusive to the Supernatural Expansion pack.
  • Toddler werewolves will not transform, but children werewolves will
  • Alchemy is teen and up. Too dangerous for children!
  • You can only be one supernatural at a time, but you can change back and forth with elixirs!
  • Yes, you can only bite people when you are in your werewolf form.
  • There are supernatural skeptics who don’t like magic or anything supernatural
  • Werewolves cannot hunt or eat minor pets, but werewolves will be able to growl at cats and dogs!
  • No, the zombies will come to the Peashooter, so the Peashooter doesn’t need to turn.