Of all the games we’ll be watching, playing (and attempting to steal…) at Gamescom in August, the new SimCity is at the top of our list.

Perhaps it’s our basic, persistent megalomania – and the chance to unleash our hellish vision of civic misery in greater detail than ever before – which has us excited about the new title, due in 2013?

Maybe it’s the game’s retro appeal, and the promise of the first truly connected, multiplayer experience in the history of the series.

Or its just that we want to build a SimCity with red London buses in it for the first time?

Ahead of Gamescom we caught up with Jason Haber, a producer at Maxis and Electronic Arts, who is working on SimCity, to get the lowdown on the new title.

What are the features which are going to inspire new players most?

There are several great new features in this SimCity that will inspire players in different ways. GlassBox, our powerful new simulation engine, creates an incredibly detailed simulation where players can see exactly what’s happening.

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