Jud gave me the choice to do this on Sunday, but I did not want to talk about this at the time.

For several months now, I have secretly dealing with cancer. For those who follow me on Twitter (@bafendo), you might know this. Last Friday I had an operation to remove an enlarged testicle, that’s right it’s testicular cancer. That got most of it, but a little has spread to my abdomen and chest. So I’ll have to do more X-Rays and CT-Scans plus some other stuff.

Sometime around the end of August and September, I will start Chemo to treat/eliminate the cancer. Man I wish I had the doctor’s take a pic of it once they removed it, I could have grossed y’all out. LOL! But anyways, there’s nothing to worry about. Since I’m 25 and they caught it early enough, the chemo should eliminate what’s left. One bit of good news out of all this, is that I am not diabetic as I had feared! Hooray!

Oh and don’t worry about me posting stuff here on SimPrograms, nothing and I mean NOTHING can or will ever keep me away from a PC. lol So to all of our readers who are religious, please keep me in your prayers. For the not so religious, keep me in your thoughts. If you don’t, I’ll haunt you in your dreams! Muahahahahaa!!! BTW, that was a joke. The last part, not the stuff before it.


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