Note: This game closed as “EA-Land” as of August 1, 2008. This game is no longer playable, and is more of a collectors item.

Yes! You read the title completely correct (that is, if you judged your eyesight)! I am giving away my copy of The Sims Online that I rescued from a thrift store a while back! I know many of you most likely played TSO way back then and possibly misplaced it, or threw it out. Or, if you own a Sims collection like I do but are far more serious about it than I am..NOW’S YOUR CHANCE!

It’s taking me a lot of courage to do this giveaway since it is was apart of my collection. But now, it can be yours! 🙂

Say you don’t believe I have the disks for TSO? Worried about this being a phony giveaway? Don’t be! 🙂 I’ll be shipping it with as much care as needed so it doesn’t break along the way.

Here’s proof that everything that came with it originally is still there!:


Now for the Terms and Conditions:

#1) This is a free giveaway of course! 🙂
#2) You must be years 13+ of age to participate. It’s too big of a risk to let that slide.
#3) Please leave me some way to contact you if you already haven’t on your profile! Leaving a name will simply not do and will require a redraw.
#4) You can enter all of these available options for your name to be entered. No, they are not mandatory (except leaving a blog post comment) to be entered.
#5) This is US ONLY. I’m very sorry to those who live internationally, but I have no way to send it to you.
#6) Leave both answers to the blog post question in a blog post comment! (REQUIRED). I know RaffleCopter doesn’t check, but if your name is drawn and you didn’t leave a blog post comment, that will require a redraw.
#7) Following/Liking my page or SimPrograms’ page is optional, but we would really appreciate it if you did!

Complete any of the available options and be entered the amount of times it offers. (Tweeting about the Giveaway is reactivated daily!)
Reminder: YOU MUST post a blog comment answering the two questions to be eligible to win! Title your comment with “Giveaway Entry” so I know what to look for. Feel free to give opinion comments as well!
If Rafflecopter widget is not showing up, please refresh the page again until it does appear.
If there are any bugs with RaffleCopter, please report them in the comments area!

CONTEST STARTS: June 8th at 12:01 AM EST I decided to open it a little early 😉
CONTEST ENDS: July 9th at 12:01 AM EST

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