Sims Nieuws’ Review on Hidden Springs

Hidden Springs has a irresistible attraction to the rich and famous who are looking for relaxation and who want to escape their day to day life. They cannot resist the stories about magical powers which slumber in the woods and lakes. Some of the town folks who live near the woods are acting mysterious and it seems as if they have a greenish skin colour. Is there really magic going on in the woods?
You can walk along the lake, relax at a spa, hike though the forest and even solve old secrets in the museum of magic and spiritual business. What are you going to discover in Hidden Springs?
Like the description of Hidden Springs on the official The Sims 3 website explains, Hidden Springs is a strange town. Well, in short you could say that. Surrounded by mountains and near a big lake, this town has to deal with some unusual rumours and the mysterious Sims make it only worse.
Hidden in the forest there is something magical going on. Think of plants and waters with so-called supernatural powers, light green Sims and more. In short, when you start playing in Hidden Springs, you do not know what to discover first.

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