I was hunting on the EA Jobs website, and SimCity will eventually be ported over to Mac as EA are seeking people to convert assets of the DirectX9 game to the OpenGL Mac version.

SimCity Mac Graphics Programmer


·         The successful applicant will be expected to work mainly on the graphics code for the Mac version of SimCity but will also be expected to work on other aspects of the Mac project when needed.

Key Responsibilities

·         Converting graphics features from the PC DirectX 9 version of SimCity to the OpenGL Mac version. The converted features must perform well on the Mac hardware that SimCity is targeting. The applicant will be expected to both optimize features and ensure that any hardware configuration issues are addressed.

·         As potentially the most senior member of the Mac programming team, the applicant may be expected to act as a communication bridge between the PC graphics programming team and the other members of the Mac programming team and also help ensure that builds are delivered for production review.

Skills and Qualifications


·         Degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics or a related field

·         Excellent C++ programming knowledge

·         Demonstrable skills in game graphics programming

·         Experience with OpenGL 2.x+ and GLSL on the Mac, with experience of writing, debugging and optimizing shaders

·         DirectX 9/HLSL experience a plus

·         Good communication skills


·         Familiarity with Perl

·         Perforce knowledge

Experience and Background


·         5+ years of professional games development experience

·         Experience of working on Mac

·         Multiple shipped titles on PC, Mac or current generation consoles

·         Able to demonstrate the ability to quickly adapt and learn new codebases and systems

·         Shows an understanding of the overall architecture of games from the game code to the content build processes


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