Knowing your audience through appropriate telemetry and design that leverages reward systems to modify behavior are only part of the solution.
“Movies have been around for as long as we can remember… we’ve broken down any genre of filmmaking and there’s a formula, now,” she notes. “But movies and TV are still able to surprise us… while still staying in the groove of a particular genre, and I think our interactive media has even greater opportunity.”
She points to recent years’ evolution on the documentary format to suggest how games, especially serious ones, can engage and energize audiences, and even become part of popular entertainment.
What was once a direct, even staid way of communicating information changed with the advent of passionate personalities with strong points of view.


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Jesse James

I remeber when she worked on the Sims 2, the had an interview of her on the bonus disc with Makin’ Magic. Her position has really aged her.
And don’t slam me for this, but after seeing the Supernatural Live Chat, I can see why the Sims 3 is the way it is, with the crew that’s working on it… They act about the same age as my 20 year old neighbor…