On May 8th, Sims Nieuws did a Skype Q&A with SimGuruJenn on Sweet Treats. So luck. πŸ™‚ Anyways, check it out and drool over the delicious info. Especially about the KPST patch will finally fix Showtime issues. w00t!

Is there a reason that this package is more expensive than the previous?

Yes there is, certainly, this is not a normal accessories pack, but a kind of ‘extra deluxe accessories pack because there is much more content in it than normal.

This package is designed for all players or for a special group?

It certainly made for everyone, the package is all about options and where you want to play. And if you’re interested in these things, I think you will find really nice package. An example of what can be fun for everyone is that all three new lots to come but what is also nice that you love your house can make a big candy house.