Business Insider has an interesting article on The Sims Social and Playfish. According to them and unnamed sources, EA India is now in charge of The Sims Social. This is supposedly where these games go to die. Also from these guys,failed social games by EA/Playfish used to be sent to their Shanghai studio instead, but they have supposedly been working on SimCity Social for about 2 years. True or false? Who knows for sure.

Electronic Arts has handed the keys to The Sims Social, one of its top social games, over to its Playfish India studio—where social games are sent to be maintained with slight updates until they are discontinued, according to a sources close to the matter. The Sims Social will still get some updates, but the Playfish India team is mostly “just going to keep the lights on,” our source familiar with the plans said.


Thanks to Sim Secrets for the tip!