Greetings, fellow readers!
Earlier today I was asked to come aboard the staff as a writer and I am glad to obtain this position!  You may have heard of me on YouTube, Mod The Sims, or (if your that nostalgic) on The Sims 3 Forums way back in the day. On YouTube and Mod The Sims I go by “SIMul8rReviews” and on the forums I go by “Nokuoro,” but if you want to be casual with me…why not just call me Austin..? First off, I had really wanted to join this site as a writer because writing is one of my well as cinematography and playing my bassoon (and any other instrument you hand me.) I am a teen writer and I am currently writing a novel (which is another reason why I wanted to join the staff) and plan on pursuing my ambition to become a director while continuing to play with the orchestra.In the meantime, I create machinimas on YouTube and I have been since late 2009/early 2010. I also create custom content (I’m still a newbie at it) usually for the purpose of film sets or maybe just regular gameplay.  And if you still haven’t heard enough about me, I occasionally will pop up in the forums.. but not as much as I used to..Sims 3 Forum/MTS Forum that is.

I really hope to help this site out with whatever’s needed and to really connect with the community as well. And because I am apart of the machinima community, I also plan on spotlighting artists who are ignored and promote media that we may have missed. was great talking to you! I’ll “see” you soon!