Gee Brain, what do you wanna do tonight? Same thing we do every 2 weeks, try to takeover the world!… But first, come up with an awesome new poll.

Last week we asked…

So far we’ve had The Sims, The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 in the main Sims Series. How would you feel if instead of a sequel in Sims 4, we got a reboot called ‘The Sims’?

The winning vote was…

I don’t care as long as it’s looks and plays like the previous games.

(28%, 226 Votes) Total – 800 Votes

Seeing how we had some negative feedback about that poll and after very little sleep and giving it a whole lot of evil thought… Here’s the new poll question!

What are your favorite websites for obtaining Sims/SimCity News?

Be honest in making your decision, as you can vote for multiple sites. After you vote, tell us in the comments section of this post what factors went into your decision. Is it a specific feature of the chosen site(s), the lack of annoying non-Sims posts? Be brutally honest, we can take it.

P.S. Anyone see the joke answer? XD