Time for a random post.

So I shared the following with pretty much all of my social media, guess I should do it here as well!  I’m into the craze that is known as My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic.  I don’t know how I managed to get sucked into it, I can’t remember.  It was last year though.  I gave the show a watch, and was instantly hooked.  Little did I know when I started researching it that it was by the same lady (Laura Faust) that created some of my favorite cartoons as a kid – Johnny Bravo, Dexter’s Laboratory (well, her husband worked on that, but I think she did have a role), Samurai Jack, Powerpuff Girls… It all seemed so…familiar.

Anyhow, Bronies are what the adult fans of the show are called – the nickname dubbed for both sexes (although some of the ladies go by Pegasisters).  Many Bronies get hated on for liking a show that it’s original target was for kids, but the second season has shown a ton of hidden references for the adult viewers.  I mean, what kid is going to spot the Big Lebowski ponies?  LOL.

One of my personal friends is an artist in which she does amazing puppet/plush work, so I had commissioned her to create me a set of the mane 6 (I actually have a lot more ponies commissioned, but all in due time).  I met up with her this past weekend to get them, and all I could say was WOW!

My friend posing with the mane 6.  She can be reached over at Smits Stuff and is open for commissions!

Of course, the fine folks on my DeviantArt page always have something to say, and let me know that AppleJack is only suppose to have 1 ponytail, but I don’t give a single care in the world, to me she’s perfect.  😀  I had to build a whole ‘nother shelf in my room cause these things are huge!  LOL.


Behold of the most manliest display in the world.

Now I get to hunt down a hat for AppleJack (as she was short on time and wasn’t able to make one – which I’m perfectly okay with).  Any recommendations would be nice (I guess I could go to the Build-A-Bear workshop and see if they have any cowboy hats that size…

More detailed shots of each ponies can be found in my flickr gallery if you wish to check them out.



UK’ers…. I need your help.  I’m on the hunt for the following Blind Bag ponies from the Wave 3 collection – #11 Big Macintosh and #22 Heartstrings.  I am willing to purchase multiples.  There is a way you can detect which pony is in the bag by this number chart:

As I said, I’m looking to buy multiples – so I could use any and everyone’s help if they are willing to get those two for me.  I’d like them for myself, but I also have a few friends I’d like to gift them to as well.