Via the awesome SimGuruSarah!

EA World Builder Sam Breach talks about the sky and lighting changes made in Lunar Lakes:
“The best part about working on Lunar Lakes was being able to change the sky and the lighting to make it other-worldly. Since all of our previous towns have been based in the real world, we have never been able to get this creative with our atmospherics before now. It was such a fun challenge to have the opportunity to develop a brand-new palette of sky and cloud colors to match the various lunar weather patterns and to make them a little bit out of the ordinary. Which sky you see when in your world is controlled by a randomness factor, so we can’t predict exactly when your vista will be at its most spectacular, but if you play for long enough you will at some time be treated to golden clouds spiked with meteor showers, a peachy sunrise or a truly magnificent sunset of dark pinks and blues, the likes which have never been seen before in a Sims 3 product. And that’s not all – if you happen to glance upwards as evening falls you won’t fail to see a strange and mysterious full moon as arcs its way across the night time sky.”