So new rumor is, Walmart is considering buying out Game. Supposedly they are prepared to offer 12p per share to buyout GAME Group. Interesting, no? Another potential buyer is OpCapita.

Walmart + Game = An Interesting RumorAs recently as Monday, GAME shares plunged to an all-time low of just 0.5p. However, rumours of a buyout today have seen its share price recover to 2.1p.
That gives it a current market cap of £7.23m. A buyout at 12p per share values the company at over £40m. The company has not been worth that much since November 2011. At its peak in May 2008 GAME shares were trading for £2.96.
If true, the news could point to – of all things – a potential bidding war for the retailer.

Source: MCV