The epic-bearded Maxis man has spoken

During Maxis’ GDC panel today on GlassBox, their engine for SimCity, Ocean Quigley stated that modders should not have any fear, SimCity 5 and GlassBox is built to have mods in mind:

“We know modding is hugely important to our community. We know the reason why people are still playing SimCity 4 ten years later is because the modding community has kept it alive. [SimCity engine] GlassBox is built to be moddable, but beyond that we haven’t announced anything.”

Seeing as EA already has its eyes set for DLC with the pre-order, many feared that Maxis may have dropped the ability to mod in attempt for EA to milk as much money as they can from the game.  Luckily this won’t be the case (oh, EA will still try, but we all know fans tend to do a better job – no offense to the game developers).

Source:  GameSpy