I swear the best line in this article is the sentence quoted below…

Katsarelis told us that no one who worked on SimCity Societies is working on the new SimCity.

Some more below and what not.

New SimCity Article by Kotaku!SimCity doesn’t need to sacrifice its light, enjoyably goofy roots and go pursue something as serious and hardcore as, say, Fate of the World. It doesn’t need to betray its fans in the quest for a new level of relevance. But surely there’s a middle ground, a way for a game to be deftly provocative, relevant in a way that a SimCity game hasn’t been before.

The people making this game are smart, and good at what they do. The people marketing this game are also smart, and good at what they do. But what of the dissonance between the marketing message and the game I saw last week?
I hold out hope that the two messages will come together in a more meaningful way by the time the game is released in 2013, that SimCity will have some of the passion and fire of the activists with whom it has been associated. Hope that this isn’t all just a bunch of marketing hoopla, that a video game can take on these pressing issues—how we live, how we govern, how we maintain balance in society—and say something meaningful.