So we posted a video thing with stills from the dev trailer that will most likely be shown tonight when Maxis announces the new SimCity. At the end was a revised Maxis logo. Some thought it was legit/real and others thought FAKE, OMG IT’s SO FREAKIN’ FAKE MAN!!! Turns out… IT’S REAL! Thoughts? For me… I like it. 🙂

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Love it too! The I and the Maxis “crescent” combining looks very cool.


The “I” embedded on the cresent, uber delicious!


i love it
im alreaddy an simcity 5 fan


Where did you get it confirmed that it was real?


It’s from EA’s offical press site –
And I LOVE it. So great to see them go back to their most common logo (not their original logo, but the one everyone is most familiar with) 🙂

Lazy Game Reviews

I like it. I like it a lot. I think that perhaps I shall continue liking it for quite some time.


Its so … meh. It looks like its been through the same concept as any other logo that got an update in the past 4 years.

jesse james

I like. it is simple, tasteful & yet familiar.


The link doesn’t appear to work anymore, maybe they found out about us being on to them?


This is going to be the comeback of the century. At last, Maxis making a (hopefully) worthy successor to Simcity 4.