Raise your hand if you think that I am gonna go crazy posting Showtime review under the Sun? Anyone?

Gamersnet Reviews ShowtimeSome fans of The Sims felt that The Sims 3: Showtime is too similar to After Midnight. After having played the game I can say that I absolutely disagree. Showtime is really about giving presentations, the hard and long road to fame. There is some overlap, but Showtime is really a stand-alone expansion.
However, I had something more and something new occupations to see more variety. All professions now run mainly to provide gigs for me and also had quite a few professions where anything is allowed between central. For example, check to The Sims: Superstar, where you’ll also supermodel singer or actor could be. Such an action would certainly look good in Showtime.


Source: SimsNieuws