Not the least surprised….why do people want to give money to EA for digital goods?  EA did respond to the article saying it was a mistake on their end giving out the wrong info and rewarded fans with 1,000 Simoleans but they should live up to their mistake and fix the item to what they originally stated to begin with.  So glad I don’t play this game.

Last week, an ad in the game challenged players to get a Vespertine Cocktail Bar Reward that would churn out simoleans (one of the game’s four primary resources) and collectibles every hour. Although the reward criteria can be met without spending a dime, impatient players or those who won’t meet the task’s deadline can speed things up by dropping real money for an injection of SimCash. But after the offer went live and the original ad went out, EA changed both the deadline and the reward. Instead of an hourly injection of simoleans and gifts for as long as the game runs, players would instead get a one-time injection of social points (another of the game’s resources).

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