That trademark Sims humor and quirkiness is in full swing here. Fledgling singers produce a sound akin to a bag of cats being swung around, and inexperienced magicians can unwittingly saw their assistants in half, or drown them in a tank of water. The singers’ props aren’t particularly thrilling. Backing tracks are limited and there’s only so much of that vocal gibberish you can take. At least the magicians and acrobats work their way to elaborate stage setups as their reputations grows.
The SimPort function enables players to send their Sims off to a friend’s town (providing they agree to lay host), and perform in venues there. They disappear for 12 in-game hours, returning with various bonus items such as new stage props and costumes. It’s a novel idea, though not particularly well executed. The option to watch your Sim performing around your friend’s town would have made this feature more worthwhile. Instead, you’re left twiddling your thumbs until they return.

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