I feel kinda bad posting this as it was Frankie’s discovery to begin with, but alias the word does need to get out and he’s been a bit busy with life to worry about the site (it’s all good).  Anyhow, I just facepalmed when I read his post over at the Mod The Sims forum of the discovery for the 6th Stuff Pack of The Sims 3.  Brace yourself for:  The Sims 3 Katy Perry Sweet Treats.  Sigh…I’m getting *this close* on making a nice little bonfire with my Sims 3 games.  SimCity can’t get here soon enough…

I had originally pre-ordered the disc version of Master Suite Stuff around January 5. I never received it after the package had been shipped/transferred throughout three different places due to an unsufficient address (which is impossible because I had pre-ordered and received the disc version of Pets with no issues, and on release day), so I requested that it be cancelled and was refunded. Anyhow, the agent gave me a complimentary digital copy of MSS for all the trouble I had experienced (I literally went through plenty of different agents about having not received my order, and I was not a happy camper). But the strange thing is (and apparently I am not the only one after having read the official forums about it) that rather than having given me MSS, the agent ended up giving me the sixth stuff pack that neither of us have yet to know what its theme is. Other people on the official forum have posted screen shots with proof that they, too, have received a digital version of SP6. And call me a “bad Samaritan” if you like, but I felt that EA was in a position to honor it, even though it was an error on their part. Thus, I now have two free SPs after the agent had fixed the issue of my complimentary MSS copy having not appeared in my account, and all due to errors that weren’t even my fault to begin with. And if I’m clearly not the only one who received SP6 via Origin, how many customers have received copies? I had even spoken with the last agent about this, and he/she had confirmed that the game would be honored, despite the error. On top of all this, the agent still granted me a coupon of 20% off the Origin Store for being a “valued customer” (plus two or three coupons of 15% each from the other agents). Has this happened to anyone here at MTS? If so, congratulations on a free SP that you haven’t the slightest clue on what it will offer.

I’m both excited about the games and bemused about EA. I haven’t liked EA very much for quite some time due to obvious reasons, but not enough to stop purchasing The Sims games. Now, they suddenly seem generous with this. I ended up giving the agent an excellent rating. Why shouldn’t I, you know?

EDIT: SP6 Title Revealed! http://www.modthesims.info/showthre…071#post3806071

Thanks to Pasimfic Wiki for the tip.