Too bad all of these sites were not allowed to take pics/screen shots. 🙁 But it’s still an awesome preview!

If you want to be famous, you must first become friends in a bar with the bartender. This ensures that you can sing. You must ensure that as many people as possible to the appearance of your Sims will look. Audience you need yourself. Once you get better in action, you can do that somewhere else, in larger rooms with more fans and audience.
On the road to fame
When your Sim starts to occur, then you start on the street with small performances. Here you can earn money. This applies to both singers / vocalists, illusionists, acrobats and DJs. When you get better, people are fan of you, so you can act in a cafe. By extra hard to do, you can even kick up a stadium. The public can assess your performances with flowers as they like it, but also with junk, such as eggs, if they occur not find anything. Take care of your Sim before climbing on stage!


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