Time for another review of Lunar Lakes. This time it’s by the awesome Sims Nieuws!

Sims Nieuws Reviews Lunar Lakes!The new World Lunar Lakes is a fantastic World full fantasy and perfect for Sims who want to escape from daily life. The story of Lunar Lakes is about the surviving Sims who landed on this alien planet, after their spaceship went down. The Sims left their spaceship in the middle of the town and built a building around it. The surviving Sims used their own technology from their planet and combined this with the found crystals, and that is how they survived on Lunar Lakes.
First impression of AnsjJ2
When I first heard about lunar Lakes, I got really curious. We already had an alien in The Sims 3 and I knew for sure that there would be such world in The Sims 3. Such a world would be really big with a lot of details. And that’s Lunar Lakes. When I first opened the town I was kind of suprised by the many details and hours EA put into the world.